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    Pretty Curling Mascara

    Deeply impressive visual.By making it easier to shape the lashes by grabbing them one by one, the Curling Mascara creates effective results thanks to its intense coloring feature. Containing panthenol and natural herbal extracts, its formula also helps to moisturize the lashes.
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    Pretty Eyebrow Mascara

    Eyebrows with a natural and full look.The special brush and creamy texture of the Eyebrow Mascara fills the gaps between the eyebrows, colors them and fixes their shape giving them a defined look. Its formula does not drain or bleed, and gives the eyebrows a natural look and cares for them while nourishing them with the sweet almond oil in its formula.
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    Pretty Lengthening Mascara

    Eyelashes fulfilled and defined.Lengthening Mascara covered your lashes one by one, extend them and help you achieve a glamorous look. The mascara protects your eyelashes against wear by nourishing them with vegetable oils in your formula and creates a healthy and glamorous effect
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    Pretty Volumizing Mascara

    Glamorous and bulky lashes.Volumizing Mascara adds an intense color and a prominent look to the lashes, volumizing them. Your fiber brush perfectly grabs the eyelashes, it molds them from the root to the tips.